Monday, June 30, 2014

Fukushima beach reopens

Nakoso Beach, Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture

Japan has done it again.  This time, officials of Fukushima Prefecture have decided to re-open Iwaki's Nakoso Beach, 65km (40miles) south of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant, to swimmers. This includes children, who are much more vulnerable to the effects of radiation; already 35.8% of children in Fukushima Prefecture have abnormal growths on their thyroid glands.  The maps of radiation "plumes" from Fukushima plant show ongoing release of radioactivity for the last sixteen months.  How the local officials got a reading of 1 Bq/L of water I'll never know.  Fukushima Dai-ichi has been flushing contaminated water into the ocean by the millions of tons.  Scientists say the ocean is irrepairably damaged, if not finished for good.

So how is it that a beach 40 miles away is perfectly fine?  The government has seen fit to post daily radiation readings for the air and water at the beach.  All fine and good, until one remembers that the government has, at every step, published false reading, relying on broken instruments, or simply withholding upsetting data.  There's no reason to trust this latest whitewash.  Many Japanese are in denial bordering on psychosis; they need to think they can rebuild simply by ignoring the radiation.  This doesn't work, unfortunately.
There is going to be a very hard awakening.  Keep them in your prayers.

If this upsets you, outrages you, frightens you, makes you want to fight: do it.  Here's how.  Go to:  fill in the form, and send your message. Form fields, translated: (no widget will translate this https web page, sorry).
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Also you can email the Municipal Gov't. of Fukushima Prefecture, here:

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  1. Why is it dated 2014????

  2. Anonymous, I did this to organize the order of the posts, for instance the 1st one is way into the future; but for this particular one maybe it wasn't the best idea! In any case the beach is still open and now other Yotsukura and Kasai, Tokyo beaches are re-opening as well. And the incineration of radioactive debris continues...

  3. Is there any proof for your claim that the readings announced by the government for this particular beach are false? Its not exactly hard for people to get a geiger counter and take readings for themselves.