Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's the 4th of July

Photo: Megumi Ikeda.

Young generation are always sent to the front line whether it’s police or army.

But this is the fight against nuclear. so we must protect them from black rain.

 Iori Mochizuki

Independence Day!  But News makes it clear that we are all absolutely interdependent. We well know of all the many millions barely surviving in refugee camps, driven by wars, invasions, insurrections, drought, floods, over fishing, over logging, over hunting, over hedge funding.  Independence!  O yes!  So my thought is that, besides the US Independence Day, we should start a world wide Dependence Day where everyone considers the implication of living in one world.  With no one to care for us except ourselves and our evolved sense of balance.  Some hope, bonne chance.

Roberto Janz

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